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  59. gun owners: have you ever used or threatend with your gun in self-defense?
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  62. SPAS 12 = Shotgun of fools?
  63. Smith & Wesson SW9VE - any good? first time gun buyer
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  80. Just picked up a 1982 Mossberg 500 Slugster
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  85. Once again proving that only trained police officers are qualified to carry weapons...
  86. not a real gun but i got a crosman storm xt
  87. What is so appealing about having a gun?
  88. if you are 21
  89. Smith & Wesson Knife
  90. The Honorable Judge Bennett delivers a judicial bitchslap to Sheriff Weber
  91. pistols at 18?
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  93. i'm inheriting a few guns from my grandfather who is close to passing
  94. Bought a Spyderco Aqua Salt Fixed Blade
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  107. this is why I sleep with a loaded gun on my nightstand
  108. Does a Bullpup design 12 gauge exist?
  109. Tomorrow is opening day in my area
  110. What kind of Shotgun was Terry Crews firing in The Expendables?
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  112. Girlfriend just got her first knife and I didn't even suggest it.
  113. Several Failure to Feeds first time out with my new 1911
  114. Should I buy it Used Sig Sauer P226 for $400
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  116. Getting a .45, which one
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  124. Put my deposit down on this today, should have it Thursday / Friday
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