Entensity Forums Rules

I highly suggest you read the following below.


- Don't be a retarded idiot.
- Do not SPAM in any way, You will be banned.
- Post topics in the CORRECT Forums!
- If you lose your password DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN, just select the "lost password" link and your password will be emailed to you in a matter of seconds (if you gave a valid email)
- DO NOT sign back up if you put in a user name in you didn't like as doing so will only get you banned. No exceptions!
- If you already have an account, DO NOT sign back up, that is an AUTO BAN. Contact an admin if you can't get access to your old account.
- You are not allowed to browse with a proxy here.
- If you lie about your location and we check and see you're lying, you'll be banned.

I will NOT be responsible for anything you view or what is posted in these forums. By agreeing to this you agree that you are at least 18 years old and understand this. If not, close this board now and go play at the Disney site.

Note when signing up

You MUST give a VALID email address in order to get your activation email.

If you don't get approved you can register again up if you want, just register the correct way this time.

Ok, that's it. Push the fucking button ONLY IF you can do all that!