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Thread: Rules for Current Events & How your thread in CE should be formatted

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    Rules for Current Events & How your thread in CE should be formatted

    Rules for Current Events- (Last Updated 04-13-10)

    • All of the rules listed in General Forums apply here and are listed in this thread:
    • When posting a news article, remember to quote the text and provide the source link so that others may be able to reference it. If you can embed a video as well if one is present, please do.
    • Youtube is not a news source, unless your video is in relation to an actual news source (such as something on CNN or USA Today)
    • Don’t post old topics in the current events forum. Use the search function before posting!
    • Do not continue to add threads on the same subject either. Look to see if something else has already been posted that is related.
    • Do not post in the wrong forums.

      • If your news is sports related, unless it's something beyond the scope of sports itself, such as Lawrence Taylor or Roethlisberger and their rape charges, please post it in sports.
      • The same goes for other related topics like Tech News.

    • Do not try to post articles from parody news sources as valid topics such as the Onion, etc
    • Do not post articles that are conspiracy related. CE is for factual events, not a debate on aliens, 9/11, Elvis, etc.
    • Please realize others on EF may have very different opinions and views versus what you think or believe in. While a healthy debate is encourage, being an ass is discouraged and will be dealt with appropriately. Reserve flames for Shit-Talk or Spam forums.
    • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from the effects of breaking them.
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    How To Post In This Forum (READ THIS, thanks)

    Reporting from Washington, D.C. -- The White House said this morning it's "very likely" that a deal will be reached today with Congress on a short-term bailout package for U.S. automakers.

    Negotiations between the Bush administration and House and Senate Democratic leaders continued today after a breakthrough Friday night on the source of the funding, said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

    The broad plan calls for about $15 billion to keep General Motors and Chrysler afloat until March 31. GM has told lawmakers it needs $10 billion, and Chrysler has said it needs $4 billion for the period. Ford, the other of Detroit's Big Three carmakers, said it does not need any funding immediately, but said a failure by GM or Chrysler could cause it to fail as well because of numerous shared suppliers and dealers.

    "From our discussion this weekend . . . indications are that the legislation is moving more towards what the president could support," Perino told reporters. "We don't want any company to be insolvent, but we're going to require some things about viability and long-term commitment," she said, to make sure that companies "can be competitive."

    Some sticking points remain. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) agreed Friday to the White House demand that money for the automakers come from an existing $25-billion fund to retool their factories to produce more fuel-efficient cars. But Pelosi wants the money put back into the fund quickly. Also, Congress and the White House are working on a mechanism to oversee how the companies spend the money and to ensure that they are making major changes to become more financially viable.

    The White House wants a "financial viability advisor" named by the president who would negotiate with the automakers and others, such as the United Autoworkers Union, about their turnaround plans, Perino said. If the advisor agrees with the plans, the automaker would get longer-term funding. If not, the advisor would submit a plan for bankruptcy restructuring and require the automaker to repay the short-term funding.

    Perino said the White House is focused on "how to provide short-term financing that could help them get over this hump, while we work on a financial viability advisor who could then determine if the company is doing what it takes to have long-term viability in order to get more taxpayer money."

    Lawmakers have talked about an oversight board made up of several officials with the same role.

    The automakers have asked for a long-term, $34-billion bailout package, with GM getting $18 billion, Chrysler $7 billion and Ford $9 billion. If a deal on a short-term package is struck today, Congress could begin voting on it Tuesday.
    Quote the entire article like this. Not just the first paragraph, but the whole, unless it's pages long then just the first page will suffice.,3185895.story

    Post a link to the article either before or after the quote. Just make sure it's there. Post video news articles in The Store since they're not text.

    Now just post a few sentences that require some menial effort on your behalf to express your personal opinion. It's not that difficult...stop being retards.
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    This is a forum for discussion. If you want to post a story, be sure to include your personal reaction to it, or something to focus on for starting a discussion.

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