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Thread: Problems videos and downloaded rars

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    Problems videos and downloaded rars

    I am having a problem when I download a .rar file or rename a file to .rar sometimes there is nothing in the folder yet it reads 148mb or whatever the size of the file. I am using firefox as my browser. My second problem is with some videos I have the audio will play fine but the video keeps skipping the same spot over and over like a broken reel. I have tried fast forwarding through this and it just repeats the spot it is left at. Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would suggest a few things. Make sure you have a valid file. Download something else to make sure its not the specific file that is the problem. Make sure you have a good working install of winrar. Uninstall it download the newest version directly from winrars site and install it. Also make sure you have plenty of hard drive room left for extraction. Also try double clicking the file and having the program start vs the right clicking and saying extract here. Another thing that could potentially be messing you up is your AV software. Maybe try disabling it while you extract.

    As for the video and audio What format are you trying to play with which player? I am also wondering what is the video your trying to play and where did you get it? If it was from a torrent you can play the video even if its not 100% complete and it will cause this error for me.

    I suggest VLC player. It will play almost any format without having to install codecs.

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