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Thread: RULES! (Including signature rules, aka new members should read this before using a sig)

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    RULES! (Including signature rules, aka new members should read this before using a sig)

    These rules apply to all forums unless specifically addressed in each sub-forum.

    • Do not bump old threads unnecessarily.
    • Do not post referral links unless you get permission from a mod first. A referral link is a link that somehow makes you money when people click it.
    • Do not post hidden log out links.
    • Do not spam/troll outside of the spam forum. A spam post is a post with little or no content that does nothing to contribute to the thread; this includes replies consisting only of emoticons or "lol" or "this," for example. Outside of the spam forum, each post should contain some content that contributes to the thread. A troll post is a post which intentionally attempts to start an argument for the sole purpose of arguing.
    • Do not post anything to slow or crash browsers or the forum server. This will result in an immediate ban.
    • Do not have sigs larger than 1MB in total size or larger than 700x200 pixels. This include both text and pictures. The only exception to this rule is Gouranga's Flickr sig generator which may create images that are 240px tall.
    • Do not upload a NSFW avatar or signature.
    • Do not abuse the thanks feature.
    • Do not abuse post reporting.
    • Do not post NSFW threads without a warning in the thread title. This doesn't apply to the spam and porn forums.
    • Do not make duplicate posts in a thread. If no one has responded yet, edit your last post.
    • Do not post autoplay videos (YouTube, etc) unless the thread title adequately warns that autoplay videos will be present in that thread. No one thinks it's funny except the person that posted it. All autoplays before this rule was enacted on 4/28/10 are grandfathered in. The easiest way to annotate an autoplay thread is to include [MIT] (music in thread), [AP], or [autoplay] in the thread title.
    • Do not post child porn. This will result in an immediate ban.
    • Don't post spoilers about a recent movie or TV show that has aired within 24 hours without using the spoiler tag.
    • Do not fuck with a forum member's life. Do not send their teachers emails or contact their girlfriends or bosses without their express permission. This should go without saying, but shit like this will result in a permanent ban. We've had too many problems with this in this past.
    • Again, do not fuck with a forum member's life. If you and a forum member decide to become Facebook friends or exchange emails, do not share information that you otherwise wouldn't have access to with EF unless the member gives you permission to do so. This rule extends to the friends and family of the member as well. For example, do not start posting private pictures of a member or their friends/family on EF unless they authorize you to do so. Messing with a forum member's real life will result in a permanent ban.
    • Do not post people's personal information unless you have their personal permission to do so. This isn't 4chan.
    • Do not post viruses or links to viruses, it can result in a ban, even if you're asking "what is this file" (email a virus lab if you need help).
    • Do not report posts in spam unless they violate rules explicitly disallowed in spam (such as posts which crash browsers, child porn, huge sigs, etc.). The spam forum is a free-for-all. If you post a serious thread in there, you're a fucking idiot because that thread will usually get diarrheaed on. If you report a post in spam, you may be probated.
    • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from the rules.
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