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Thread: Korean BBQ!

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    Did someone say "Korean?"

    Good luck with cooking it; I've never tried. Mmmm. Bulgogi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MechAnt View Post

    That stuff is so good. My family generally does it with fish.

    A quick recipe that I can think of for the fish that I could see transposed to beef is

    Tender beef thingy sliced
    Pat meat dry
    Dredge in flour (not too heavily; keep it on the lighter side)
    Dip in a bowl of beaten eggs that is seasoned with salt and pepper
    Cook in hot pan with neutral tasting oil

    With kimchi and other stuff, it's gooooood
    Ok, I gave this a shot tonight. It came out ok. It seems the eggs were really thin on the meat. As I said earlier, I don't know crap about cooking lol. Any suggestions for next time?

    Also, my gf made a dipping sauce for it which was pretty good. It was comprised of shoyu, sesame oil, crushed ginger, vinegar and a pinch of salt. A little bit of each, especially the ginger oil.

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    Glad someone bumped this thread, never saw it before. I normally buy the short ribs pre-marinated which makes them incredibly easy to make on the stove top, with some rice and kimchi. I should try making Korean myself, sweet!

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