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Thread: 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302

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    This is gonna be nice. Great project for you also. I'm dying to get my hands on a '67 Fastback. Looking forward to updates.

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    So I've kinda neglected this thread, mostly due to the fact that student loans are making me mega-broke so the project is taking a tad bit of a back-burner... there's just more and more wrong with it every time I get something fixed. It's funny to think I was shooting for having this thing in good condition in July... it's now November and it's probably moved about 100 miles, mostly back and forth from repair shops.

    Just a couple funny pictures:

    The car literally ate it's own tire... the suspension on the right side sags a bit (I've known about this) but apparently turning hard to the right causes the tire to get caught on the fender and literally shreds the tire lol... never seen that happen before, so that's pretty awesome. Those tires were old and completely ruined anyway, they were going to go out one way or another (thankfully it happened in my driveway).

    So I cruised down to the 'hood. Literally, straight to the muh' fuckin ghetto because this wonderful place...

    ...sells tires for less than $30 a pop. That was the most ghetto experience of my life but its worth it because I have some placeholder tires on the ride now, that cost me less than $60 total for the trip. In the process, I also discovered that one of my 4 rims is different than the 3 others (and all 4 are giant pieces of shit) so I have an awkward different tire on one compared to the 3 others. i'll post pics maybe if I get around to it, but it's pretty fucked lol

    I need to buy new rims now. But suspension comes first. Then I have to rebuild the transmission because it's leaking and it ground through the gear that is linked to the speedometer so my speedo also broke recently... GOOD TIMES!


    Shooting for March '11 at this point to have it in good shape...

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    Any updates to this?

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