Anybody done a work abroad in New Zealand in their lives? Anyone had any experience with work abroad programs anywhere at all or have traveled to New Zealand at least?

I got the passion to visit New Zealand a couple of years ago and the urge just keeps getting stronger every month it seems. I figure if I want to get a good experience in the country, the best way possible for myself to achieve that goal is to be there more than a week (the time I'd visit it were a vacation). I've searched around on a few sites about work abroad programs, and it seems my best bet is to get a position in agricultural work. Not the most lavish way of spending a few months in a far off land, but I could imagine worse situations. My career at the moment is in collision repair, so getting a position over there in the same field would be stellar, but I'm sure that'd be next to impossible.

If anyone has any experience with these types of programs, how did you like your experience? What was your job? How long did you stay? Did they pay you enough and give you the weekends off to actually go out and enjoy the country? If you did the program in New Zealand, which island did you work on? How were your interactions with the local folks? What were your daily/weekly/monthly expenses?

Any guidance into work abroad programs and/or working/exploring New Zealand would be so helpful and I'd appreciate the hell out of ya for it!