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Thread: Moving to antwerp, belgium

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    Moving to antwerp, belgium

    If I wanted to move abroad. Currently my obsession is antwerp, in the past it has been south france or barcelona. But if i wanted to move to europe for an extended stay what is the best way to go about it.

    How would 1 go about landing a job? Is my best bet just to save a good amount of cash so that i can go travel for a few months and find a place I would like to stay? Im really in need of a drastic change and want to travel as much as possible before i get to old.

    Whats my best bet for getting over there and staying over there for more than a few weeks.

    Any info would be appreciated, I have heard of HelpX and WWOOF. Id much rather work a normal job in the city.

    P.S. Im young and wouldnt need much, enough money for a roof over my head, food and a few simple luxuries. No car, No expensive habits. I just want to see the world.

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    First things first, you need to figure out how to untie that rope from around your waste. I don't mean that figuratively either, I mean get rid of that rope. Second, I know he's your brother, but kill Hagrid otherwise he'll trick you into staying.

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    I would start a simple search on google and look into obtaining work VISAs in Belgium. Some countries have limitations like monetary requirements, college degree, etc and it will be necessary to check those out if you want to become a citizen.

    Having a sizable savings is never a bad idea. You can transfer it to a Belguim if you decide to move. Travel now while you are still young, as you get older and life tosses more responsibilities at you, it makes it more difficult to travel.

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