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Thread: When to take Egg protein

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    When to take Egg protein

    I was told by someone that egg protein absorbs a bit more slowly than whey (I can't find a source on this atm). So he said that I should take egg protein before my workout, instead of after, and that way the protein will kick in by the time I'm finished my workout. This source says that it takes 1.5-3 hours to absorb, so it does make sense.

    So for optimum results, should I take this the egg protein shake right before a workout, that usually lasts around an hour? Would there be a benefit to have two shakes a day? I.e. having one an hour before a workout and then another right before?

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    all of this, whichever way you work it, is gonna have a negligible effect and your friend is stupid.

    Ultimately, you want circulating amino acids post workout, before you have your PWO meal, when your muscles are in a catabolic state. Any protein you consume prior to your workout will work (even hours earlier in the day) for this purpose, and egg protein is not special in this regard.

    Keep in mind protein shakes are supplements to make it easier to get enough protein and not meant to replace real food (and real food is always better). If you're having a shake beforehand to replace a meal bc you think egg protein shakes are superior, stick with the meal. If you're just taking it to fill your protein requirements, that's fine too. You also should not pass on a meal afterwards; you're better off timing your shakes one before and one after.

    If you're looking into slower digesting protein, check out casein. The slowest digesting, and commonly used before bed (and other fasting periods). Worth looking into but not necessary imo.
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    Pretty much what heesh said; BCAA's are good pre-workout and a big meal with whole foods right after is superior to any powder. Your friend is correct in that it does digest more slowly, but so what? A meal is much better to have after not a properly timed shake. Slow digesting protein is good to take before bed and casein is superior to egg for that purpose.

    Egg can be good as a "snack" shake between meals since it takes longer to digest, you'll feel more full for longer

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