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Thread: WARRANTY ADVICE NEEDED - 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive Coupe

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    Confused WARRANTY ADVICE NEEDED - 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive Coupe

    I have a 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive coupe. has 40,000 miles on it. Heard clanking noise and took it to the BMW dealership. Dealer says that my control arm on the right rear wheel broke and as a result caused damage to the hub, brake line, axle, brake caliper, and a whole host of other stuff. Said the control arm broke due to "outside influence" and therefore is not covered under warranty. They don't know why the control arm broke, just that it was due to "outside influence" and then proceeded to cite the harsh winter and potholes etc., or that road debris could have come up from the road and hit it. I was driving my car on a flat surface and there was no road debris when the noise happened. They want me to call my insurance company and pay the deductible.....but I firmly believe that this should be covered under warranty ESPECIALLY if they can't say why or how it broke. They just claim that it was due to "outside influence" because these things "don't just break, had to be due to impact or something." Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? One thing to add is that several months ago I hit a pothole and the front rim was slightly bent. A different BMW dealership adjusted the wheel weights to compensate the slight bend and then placed the wheel on the same spot where the control arm broke. Could there be any correlation between the two events? Any advice on the situation overall?

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    First dealership is kind of right. If you really kiss the service advisor or service managers ass, you might get them to cover half or in super rare occasions "goodwill" it. Otherwise nothing seems out of the usual.

    As for the second dealership, if you wheel bent and they did just move wheel weights and sent you on your way, I would have an issue with that. I hope they at least recommended that the wheel be replaced and you turned it down. Otherwise thats kinda shitty/dangerous. Things CAN have snow ball effects, but without knowing exactly how bad things were, I could not tell you. From that pot hole strike, you could have fractured a cast part, such as the control arm, and then over time the issue got worse. The one thing I would be interested to know is the wear of the tire, on the bad wheel, compared to the other three.
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    i think that if you take some time and learn what a control arm is, what it does, and how it works, you'll see what theyre talking about

    did you buy it new? have you owned any bmws in the past? you might be able to make a case for customer loyalty to drop the price a little bit

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    if you believe that it truly wasnt your fault you could either try another dealership or you could contact bmw na and see what they have to say

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