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Thread: Parental control programs?

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    Parental control programs?

    Anyone have any recommendations? Gf's kid just turned 8 and I bought her a new desktop PC.

    Obviously I want to make sure she doesn't come across anything inappropriate, but I also want to be able to know everything she's doing with it. (Mostly because my GF is retarded enough with computers and use it for more than 2 days without some spyware/adaware shit somehow magically ending up on her comp. I can't imagine what her kid is going to do with the thing, considering she loves minecraft and wants to install every fucking mod made for it)

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    I had a similar situation a few years back with my ex's little girl. I ultimately used my router to do the lion's share of the work. I blocked everything with the router firewall and added exceptions for the sites I would allow her to visit. The router also kept traffic logs associated with her MAC address. There were several times when she tried to access something and couldn't. I would then look up the site on my computer and decide whether to add the site to the exceptions list. She had Windows Vista Ultimate on her computer which came with built-in parental control options so I used that in conjunction with the router firewall although it wasn't really necessary for web surfing. You could do something similar with a software based firewall but I prefer the router based firewall personally. It takes a little time to set it up but isn't really that difficult to do and will block everything before it even makes it to her computer. Additionally, she wouldn't be able to use a VPN or proxy to bypass the firewall.

    One word of advice.... Never underestimate how quickly a kid can become computer literate. They catch on to that shit quickly. I would suggest putting the desktop in a high traffic area so there would always be the potential that someone could walk past and see what's on her monitor.

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    Do what guts said and put some parental control on that. Agreed with the last part. Personally, I would just keep an eye on them anyways because no matter how diligent your attempts installing software and all that, something will happen sooner or later. You'll probably open up her browser soon and find ask toolbar and a whole bunch of other garbage on there. I went all out sometimes when I got my first computer.

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