Hi everyone,

One of my life dreams / goals has been to create video games. I know a lot of people say this, but I kind of took it a step further. I struggled with programming in high-school, but stuck with it and I've now been working as a full-time web application developer (writing backend services and full stack web-applications in Java, .NET, Ruby, Golang, Clojure, etc...) since I managed to convince my bosses to let me start programming in 2010.

While increasing my programming knowledge, I started reading as much as I could about making games. I studied how the Quake / Doom / Wolf3d engines were written, tore about their source code, re-wrote it, wrote my own 2d / 3d game engines using Modern GL as well as the old fixed function GL pipeline. I worked on a game that shipped - (http://qube-game.com/) - writing bug fixes, adding achievements and steam integration, etc...

My huge stumbling blocks have always been 1) art, and 2) ideas for decent games. I began looking at other games for ideas - I wanted to do something involving procedural generation so that I could minimize the amount of environment creation work I would have to do. I ended up building a lot of prototypes which employed different procedural generation algorithms for generating different environments. While prototyping and looking at other games the idea finally clicked. I wanted to make a game where the protagonist is trying to escape a space station that is going critical. Gameplay ideas just started spilling out and I got started working.

One of my buddies, who I met playing Shadowbane on an emulated server last spring, I came to found out used to work at FOX as an 3d environment artist. I asked him if he would be interested in modeling some environment art for the game and he jumped on board. We're utilizing Maya, Substance Painter | Designer, ZBrush, and Unreal Engine 4. I've primarily been doing character art / and I just finished learning the substance painter / designer / UE4 workflow last night. I'm also learning ZBrush and sculpting armor for the female protagonist.

Here's some screenshots of stuff we've produced so far - Please keep in mind all this shit is very early stuff. We plan on starting early release in Q1 2016, with a demo video launching this summer. Domain name is already reserved for the game and once we have some better art to show off, I will begin working on the site - just going to do something simple with Jekyll to start with :

The project is becoming more and more organized each day, however it's led a fairly fluid existence up to this point. ATM I'm nailing down a lot of infrastructure that will pay off later (CI - automatic builds, employing git fat for storing large binary content in git, teaching our artists to use git, etc...)

What I'm looking for -

1) Texture artists who are familiar with PBR. I don't necessarily care if you know the Substance workflow or have never worked in UE4 before, but you need to understand how to build a material graph and you need to understand the different types of maps and how to produce pretty looking PBR materials which we can tweak in game in real-time (if you need to learn substance like I said that's fine).

2) 3d artists - Character, environment, prop artists comfortable working in a high to low poly or low to high poly workflow - doesn't matter which you just need to be able to produce artifacts that will work with our pipeline. We use Maya and ZBrush but as long as you're producing usable FBX file I could care less what 3d modeling program you use.

3) FX artists - Anyone that's good with particle effects would be a huge boon to the project right now. I have someone working on them but if you're an FX pro and want to work on a project, get at me.

4) Sound / Music composers - Pretty self explanatory, need to be able to work without a lot of direction. We know the general style of music we like / want but there would be a lot of opportunity for creative freedom here.

5) Story writers - Need backstory that makes sense with our games plot - I can fill you in more. This is much less important than the other roles, but will become more important later on. Not huge on having someone fill this role atm, would rather wait till we need it, just mentioning it in case anyone is interested - still get at me.

6) Concept artists - Need extremely badly - if you can draw and have free time please hit me up.

7) Someone to get the project more organized / help me set up project infrastructure. Ideally you have web development experience or at least are good with git.

That's pretty much it - if you're interested in helping out on the project please let me know.

At this point there are three people working on the project. When we launch the website this summer and launch or demo video we will begin the incorporation process and have all profit sharing arrangements set up before we start early access in 2016. I'm quitting my job in Feb 2016 to focus full time on the project. Like I said - if you're interested I have many more details and can talk via google hangouts. Just shoot me a PM and we can talk.