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Thread: Stubborn People on CSGO

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    Stubborn People on CSGO

    Fucking idiots on CSGO...

    I'm usually a pretty good teammate. I have decent people (manipulation) skills, but some people just wouldn't know sense if they sat on it and it crawled up their butthole.

    I just played a game with 4 pretty decent teammates. One of them told me I was terrible while he was dead and I was still alive(for the second round in a row). He kept pushing up at B in Mirage and I wanted him to just sit site since I was awping spools. I couldn't really back him up from there, so that's not really efficient teamwork.

    Blah Blah, game ends. I am a higher rank than everyone on my team... (DMG with AKs)

    It's not just this one particular instance that pissed me off, just an example of what really grinds my gears. I hate stubborn ass people who think they know everything in CS and aren't even willing to take suggestions. Pisses me off because it holds me back too.

    And we did end up winning our game, but it was 16 - 14 and insanely stressful. Just could have been a lot fucking easier if they would have done what I suggested. I wasn't even being demanding either, they are just stubborn fucks.

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    It's CSGO, that sounds typical. I rarely play with randoms. Just get a group of friends together to play. Done.

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    add some efricans, most of us are decent, i need to rerank

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