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Thread: Robotic Vacuums! What do you think?

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    Pac Robotic Vacuums! What do you think?

    Robotic vacuum cleaner is a relatively recent trend. You have already seen them: these are large almost flat "pancakes" that live in the corner on the charger, and when you take them to "walk" and collect the dust from around the house via their various devices. It is already known that these vacuum cleaners can gently go around various obstacles through infrared sensors, people and Pets, to move from room to room, go down and climb on small ledges, and also to find the power source and put themselves in charge. Of course, the range of options varies depending on the price from a few hundred for a really stupid model, some of them even have to put on charge, to intelligent systems for tens of thousands of rubles with tricky navigation, housekeeping, parking and many programs of service. Now, are available even vertically moving models with vacuum suction cups for window cleaning.

    It is worth noting that the developers of the robot cleaners offer recently the maximum number of new ideas. Still remain quite popular are robotic vacuum cleaners iRobot brand, and among the model range of this brand you can find models of almost every budget. Here are too innovation: for example, one of the models fully square, and the other deals with disinfection.

    I see they're popular now, as a lot reviews recommend them for your house as the best friend after your dog...

    What should be the ideal vacuum cleaner? I see it as like a normal robotic vacuum cleaner, which detects the type of surface (modern technologies allow to do it easily), determines the level of pollution (it is already possible to do), and then apply one of the embedded programs. Yes, this vacuum cleaner can be programmed manually, introducing some exclusive programs. Maybe it is even the unit with the operating system type Android: there is already a washing machine Miele, which can be obtained from the Internet updated with the new firmware...
    The main ability of this vacuum cleaner is the possibility of wet cleaning. That is, he must constantly carry a water tank, or to be able to feed its tank.
    Modern technologies allow to create such a device, however, it will be very bulky because of water. However, whoever does decide to create such a unit, will solve this issue. When this miracle cleaner is created, it will replace all the fixtures for cleaning, from mops to dusters and the vacuum cleaner.
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    Your business intrigues me.

    I would like to know more.

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    I think that if the vacuum doesn't have an entrance for a cock then it's useless.

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