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Thread: The best way to determine where the wifi bottleneck is

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    The best way to determine where the wifi bottleneck is

    I have a PIC32 running a MRF24WG0MA (which is a b/g wifi transceiver which supports up to 11MBaud on b and 54Mbaud on g).

    I have measured the sustained transmission thruput over several minutes at approximately 800 KBaud. I was hoping to get several MBaud.

    I get MBaud speed from a laptop on the wifi network so I don't think it is an infrastructure problem. I think it is either the PIC32 or the MRF24 chipset.

    What is the best way to determine where the bottleneck is?

    Currently my approach is to first analyze the packet timing with WireShark, then dive into the TCP/IP Stack provided my Microchip.

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