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Thread: How to Select the Right Stepper Motor?

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    How to Select the Right Stepper Motor?


    With regards to choosing the correct stepper engine, need to consider three elements including step edge (identified with the quantity of stages), static torque, and current of the three components. ( a case from )

    1) Step Angle

    The edge is subject to stack necessities of accuracy, the base determination of the heap change to the engine shaft, and the quantity of edges including deceleration.

    Standard stepper engine edges are

    Five stage engines 0.36 degrees/0.72 degrees Two or four-stage engines 0.9 degrees/1.8 degrees Three-stage engines 1.5 degrees/3 degrees

    2) Static Torque

    Contrasted with the dynamic torque, the static torque is less demanding to decide. You can compute the working engine stack in light of the static torque. It is more often than not of two sorts, dormancy load and contact stack. A solitary inertial load and a solitary heap of grating don't exist. You have to consider the two sorts of burdens if an engine begins specifically. In the event that the engine quickens, you have to consider the latency stack. Notwithstanding, for a continually running engine, just grinding load should be considered. Static torque ought to be 2X to 3X the erosion stack. When static torque is chosen, the edge and length of the engine can be resolved promptly.

    3) Current

    Much the same as the static torque of the engine, distinctive streams have diverse qualities. As a rule, a torque-recurrence trademark blend is utilized to decide the engine currently.

    You can acquire a straight movement by interfacing a lead screw/worm outfit drive framework to a rotational stepper engine. This blend is known as a direct stepper engine.

    Any better idea would be highly appreciated.

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